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Bella Krystal Shaw

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All rescue babies have had something in their lives that caused them stress and anxiety. They are rescue babies because the place that they called home before, is not available anymore. Whether they were stray, abandoned, back-yard breeder rescues, or puppy mill cruelty rescues, they all instinctually sought after predictability and familiarity in their environment. That is one reason why a dog's real name means so much to him/her. It doesn't matter so much as to who calls the name, it is the familiar name itself that means so much. That never made much sense to me until I adopted Bella.

This is Bella, my little perfectionist. She was dumped by a back-yard breeder (her loss, my gain). Bella's name used to be Mopsy, a name given by the Dachshund Rescue of Houston. Even though she was a breeder's dog, not pet, she still had things in her environment that made her a little peaceful. One of those things was her name. Since she came to us with the name Mopsy, we just called her that.

After I adopted her, my daughter Andrea wanted to change her name to "
Bella" which fit her PERFECTLY because she was such a beautiful baby inside. She took to that name almost immediately. Two months later I found out that "Isabella" was the name listed under her picture on the intake form at the Animal Shelter.

Bella was a Momma at one time. I have often wondered how intrusive her former owner was while tending to her litter. Up until I took in Alice, Bella was unavailable to and disinterested in people.

Bella in the Beginning

Miss Bella was a curious little one. She was very nervous and NEVER sat still. She would look away from you when you tried to pick her up and talk to her. She wiggled and squirmed to the point that we either had to crate her or let her explore. Since she was not potty trained- NONE of them were- we had to walk her on a leash in the house. After a bit of time had passed, she would either sit half way on your lap, with a dash of wiggle, or go back into the crate. She often opted for the crate, but whined once she was back in. She seemed to have no peace and desperately needed a way to find it. AHHHHH.... this is where routines and discipline are so very important for establishing the boundaries and predictability that these little ones need.


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