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Bubbles Krystal Shaw

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"There she was... a beautiful red dachshund, just like my Heidi. Bubbles had a place already carved out in our heart and home before she arrived. She came with a well mannered personality. She was friendly the first day and she is just as awesome today."

Bubbles was the first dog I adopted from my almost-6-pack. She was supposed to be my son's dog. We had spent most part of spring break looking for a dog that he liked. After NO LUCK, he post-poned looking until summer and I filled out a foster application for the Dachshund Rescue of Houston.

The day I picked up Bubbles, I was so looking forward to having another dog. Up to now, Heidi had been my only Princess, with a crown that carried an extreme personality. I was hoping that she and Bubbles would become friends so I could adopt her. Bubbles was part of a breeder dump that included 2 other babies: Flopsy (who has since been adopted by a wonderful family) and Bella, a.k.a Bella Boo. Flopsy and Bella were heartworm positive and needed to be crated for a few weeks. They did a lot of cage whining. Bubbles would sit at the side of their cage and that seemed to make it a little better. For a short time, she was the mother figure.

Bubbles in the Beginning

Bubbles seemed pretty relaxed when she arrived. She walked about the house with minimal overt anxiety. She would sit with you until you put her down. She was affectionate and well mannered. She was, however, apprehensive about being picked up to the point of stiffness along with a sort of kneading her paws into your arms. She cowered at any approach toward her and would roll over onto her back when it was time to be put on the floor from the couch or bed. She chewed on any and everything. She would walk off with anything loose or anchored. She tried walking off with our hands... and they were attached to our body! Poor thing.

Although most of her anxiety was hidden or possibly displaced, she did become a little agitated when the little ones would whine or bark. She would pace around the cage or somewhere near it. There was no telling what kind of experience that these 3 babies had. It was up to me to set a standard and EXPECT them to follow it. So begins, phase ONE... potty training!

Potty Training.. With GODLY Love... on White Carpet!


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