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Weeners... Weeners... EVERYWHERE!        My Life as a Wiener
They just kept coming and coming and coming. At once there were three, then four, then three, then five. All I know is that every single time I turned around, there was another set of quail legs.
The "short" and "long" of it is, there are more variations of the Wiener Dog than any other dog.
These are the Styles of the Dog

Size: miniature, tweenie, standard
Number of Colors: solid, bi-colored, tri-colored, or mixtures
Colors: red, white, black, chocolate, sable, isabella
Hair: long hair, medium hair, short hair, wire hair
Patterns: brindle, piebald, dapple, double dapple

So my style is: a "tweenie ~ solid ~ red ~ short hair" with no pattern.

They Just Kept Coming… Back in the Spring, my Mama, God love her, decided that her bleeding heart would kick in. As if I wasn't enough to love! When her "bleeding heart projects" arrived one Saturday, out popped 3 of the ugliest weener dogs that I had ever seen.
Mama DOES NOT AGREE! I just barked really loud with my ALPHA self. Gotta keep them in line.

April 2, 2011

First was Flopsy. She was 8 lbs. She was a street thug. She would start a fight in a New York minute. When she came at me with those beady little eyes to sniff my stuff, I ran fast... tail tucked and all. Scared my "alpha" right out of me!

Second was Mopsy. She was as "Cracker" as they come. White girl, she was. She had 2 colors in her eyes: blue and brown. She had 3 or 4 little brown spots on her in the shape of lips. Although she did not start fights, she would finish them in the same New York minute!

Then there was Cotton-Tail. She was red just like me. She was shy and quiet. I did try to sniff her stuff, but she ran from me, so I called her "ugly." She looks like me so my alpha self called her ugly. Gotta keep my image.

The VERY first night they got here, the 2 thugs, Flopsy and Mopsy, got into a fight that Cotton-Tail and my alpha-self tried to break up. BIG MISTAKE! After about 30 seconds of stare-downs, we were all biting and growling and turning flips. Thank the Good Lord my Mama has a LOUDER BARK than mine.

(We will all be Heavenward bound, because it scared the hell out of all 4 of us)

She was the only human in the house. She quickly grabbed Cotton-Tail in one arm and Mopsy in the other. Flopsy was jumping up to get at Mopsy and was eye height with my Mama who let out another roar that seemed to buy enough time to throw Mopsy in one jail cell and Cotton-Tail in another. Me, I had already run to the couch. I told you that Flopsy was a scary little thug. My Mama got bit on her back and hand, Cotton-Tail had a big rip on her nose, Flopsy and Mopsy had matching scratches on their neck and ears. Me, not one scratch, but again, my "alpha" had left the building! Another occurrence included AARON. I think he was scared.

At the end of that day, I had endured about all I could of cold noses, grumbles, Wrestle Mania, and sadistic bloodshed. These dogs surely were NOT staying here. This is my house, my stuff, MY MAMA, and what used to be my PEACE of MIND!

April 19, 2011
GOOD GRIEF! I got the news. Mama has lost her mind. Cotton-Tail became "Bubbles" because she was going to be living with me now. She had been sleeping in my spot. She is red like me. She is not ugly anymore, but she needs another dog house. The boy with yellow hair was supposed to keep her, but she did not want to sleep with him. Now, maybe there won't be anymore. She barked at Andrea and Andrea cursed.

April 20, 2011
Arrival time.... Spoke too soon, Here came Shay. She was passing through to another dog house and was here for a week or so. She was so small. She had white fur under her lip that her food would get stuck in when she would eat. I kept telling her that she would never get a date with all that stuff around her mouth.

April 29, 2011
Exchange....The arrivals and departures of these pesty little selves seemed to happen a lot. I remember one day hearing a knock at MY front door. On the other side I could hear heavy breathing. As soon as the boy with yellow hair open the door, there it was... the first beached whale to make it to a door step. Her name was Daisy. She was the only wiener dog that I had ever seen with cankles and large cushioned foot pads. When the boy took her and put her on the floor, the Earth quaked. She had tittles that were trying to follow her, but her belly was dragging. She walked from side to side. She scared us all. But we did sniff her hello. Would be impolite if we didn't! Shay left that day. She may have been scared of all that quaking.

May 14, 2011
Departure time.... Flopsy, a.k.a Street Thug had found a furever home. It was Sunday May 14, 2011 2:00 p.m. CST when she left. Some people came to take her and my Mama was a little sad. Now I could see more snacks available for me. My new mantra "one down 3 more to go!"

May 16, 2011
Arrival... MY MAMA lost her ever loving mind. 2 boys that were supposed to stay on the other side of their cage. Elroy and Daniel. Also ugly and smelled bad. They peed from a different place than I did. When my Mama was holding me, Daniel walked up to her and raised that short little leg and peed on her knee. I won't tell you what she said, but he NEVER did it again!

These dogs have absolutely no manners! They just pushed me to the back and did not care that I was growling as my ALPHA self!

May 29, 2011

There was a bad man somewhere who had 200 dogs locked up as slaves. The girl dogs did things in cages with boy dogs that they shouldn't do. Then the girl dogs would go potty and out would come 3 or 4 baby dogs. I always check my poop now, cause I DO NOT WANT MORE BABY DOGS! The cages were dirty and smelled so bad that NO DOG in its right mind would ever roll in it.

Arrival time... Alice the doll. At first I thought she was a doll. She sniffed at my stuff a time or two, but then sat really still in a corner. She just sat. She did not sniff at me. I felt a little sorry for her because she was one of "those girl dogs" who did things in the cages with those boy dogs. She could not see or hear. She had a really good sniffer though. She was only 7 pounds. Mopsy and Daisy liked to lick on her. She kind of looks like a puppy but she was naughty in the cage with those boy dogs.

Departure time... Daniel and Elroy found another dog house to stay in. My Mama did not like the way they peed. She said they needed to pee somewhere else, so I did a dance.

June 7, 2011
Arrival time... In comes Maureen- one of “those” girls. She was here for just a little while. She was scared and would run even when there was a snack in front of her. I think she wanted me to have the snack, because Mama always gave it to me. I think this one should stay. By the way, the others aren't so ugly anymore. They have been really good to the "slave girls.”

June 10, 2011
Mo News! Well, My Mama decided that 2 more of her case studies could stay at this house. Mopsy became Bella and Daisy just stayed Daisy. They are my sisters now. I have a total of 3 sisters.

June 21, 2011
Exchange... Maureen kept growling at the boy with yellow hair. He tried to be nice to her, but she wasn't nice to him. She went to another dog house and Mama brought in Olivia (Libby Boo). She was missing a lot of hair from her legs and back. She has this eye thing going on. She was ugly too. She did not like us too much because she would not play. She walked around all day with a ball in her mouth, which was fine with me, because you can't eat my snacks with a ball in your mouth!

August 19, 2011
Departure time... Olivia found he furever home. She will be getting snacks at another house. She will be coming back for a brief stay while the man who took her goes on vacation. I'll miss her high pitch yelp, but I get her snacks.

September 4, 2011
Olivia is back for a bit. The man who gives her snacks didn't leave her with food products. I need to make sure I get my snacks.

September 15, 2011
Olivia's human never came back. He never answered our calls. Olivia doesn't have a home anymore.

September 21, 2011
My personal domain just got smaller! Alice just became official. My Mama just signed off on another way for someone to take my snacks. Alice is more like a cat. She is in a world of her own, like Alice in Wonderland. This better not interfere with my tailbone scratches...

September 25, 2011
Oh no! The ammonia smell from around the house wasn't tee tee... my pack sister has kidney failure. Olivia was growling a little more than me, as my alpha self. The vet said that her trip to the Rainbow Bridge is getting closer. I wish I had not thought she was ugly. The good thing is that she has earned a new name, "Lumpy Libby" because she gets this water stuff put under her skin. She cries sometimes when Mama gives her her lump. Then she gets a special snack.

November 19, 2011
Arrival time.... Dogs that pee from strings are messy. I thought we had seen the last of them until another one came into my domain. He had been chasing car wheels or maybe trying to eat them while still on te car. In any event, the car and dog go into a fight and the car won. He is here getting my snacks until someone wants to take him home to eat their cars.
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