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Take 1... Take 2... Take snack... Take snack... Take snack...

Never Leave Your Wall Unattended! Put A Dachshund On It! Weiner Dog Art... WOW! No One can really imagine what work it takes just to get a perfect shot! Snacks, Snacks, and MORE Snacks are the facilitator for the perfect mood. Over the years, I have photographed many people and animals for personal use. No matter how talented you are, you always get about one shot out of 50 that really defines your character. The rest are either blurry, out of the moment, or just plain unusable. However, I have a remedy for some some of the "seemingly" useless digital photos-- It's called photo-editing software! Yippie.

I can take some of the slightly blurred shots and add overlays like impressionism, watercolor, or sketch. I kind of like the embossed look for backgrounds. Whatever your fancy is, you can use those 49-ish photos for projects such as scrapbooking; AND shucks, if you are gonna put pretty pictures on a textured page, with nostalgic text, then stitch a few shots panorama style of places you didn't get to photograph. Or you can take an ordinary picture and embellish just a little! See below.

Make no mistake about it, photography is an art. As a photographer, I have a subject that I like to photograph the most-- my little Weiner dog, Heidi. She doesn't need to put on make up or do her hair. Her clothes do not need to be pressed. She is never bloated, and golly gee, she doesn't get pimples, so NO MAKE UP!

Even though I would be a starving artist if I did not already have a job, I like to give to a worthy cause, so I have decided to donate some of the proceeds of my dachshund photos to the Dachshund Rescue of Houston. I have a heart for giving, especially people or animals who truly need it. Since I have had my doxie, Heidi, I have found a tremendous soft spot for this breed. She is the model for all of my pictures listed on eBay. She has so much personality.

Click here to visit The Dachshund Rescue of Houston's AVAILABLE DACHSHUNDS.