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We love you Rosie. Although you are gone, we live "as if" you are still here.

Each of my babies is a rescue dog. The degree of "rescue" didn't really matter to them after I brought them here to begin their new life. I truly believe that "Love Conquers All." Love does help them leave their previous life behind them.

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Rosie is a great example of leaving that old life behind her. Rosie may have needed time to get used to the idea that her Momma Cinnamon could love her as much as she did (considering her previous environment). However, soon after, she responded to her Momma in a manner as if she had been with her all of her life. Rosie lived "AS IF." Having an "as if" attitude allowed her to have the best of everything, from cuddles, snuggles, trips to the beach, being carried around in the best purse in town, not to mention the coffee with cream that she madly dashed for everytime! You see Rosie could have been so afraid to allow humans to heal her, as it was humans that harmed her. Rosie lived "as if!" As if Love was always expressed from her heart.

In honor of Rosie, we continue living "as if!"
We will hug "as if" every hug can bring healing.
We will feed "as if" that is the meal that finally earns trust.

All of us together can...
Continue rescuing every cruelty victim "as if" that is the mega voice for changing laws.
Begin believing "as if" the battle has already been won against animal cruelty so that we may march with hope to change victim laws.
We love you Rosie: Love, The House Humans, Alice, Heidi, Hildie, Bella, and Pretty Girl!

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