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My name is Krystal Cortez and I have been taking pictures of unique subjects for over 30 years. I was 10 years old when I got my first camera- an instant camera (self developing, peel off the back film). I learned patience and purpose when snapping that "great moment", because there were only 10 pictures per pack of film, and impatient squirmy subjects had a very short "snap" time.

Every photo shoot has ALWAYS rendered unusable photographs. Nowadays there are great photo editing software programs that can help resurrect those pics that you discarded along with the exponential number of hours it took to take them.

My passion for the past few years has been taking these "useless" photos and applying some effect to them that transforms them into the perfect image. I use these photos in of my designs, be it web design or photo collages. Some of the most gorgeous pictures I apply overlays to were drab, out of focus, or just plain unusable.

My life belongs to Jesus Christ, He is my everything. He has been with me in the most joyous times in my life, and the darkest midnight hours that have snuck up out of nowhere. My site was named so [that place] because of those midnight hours. Even though I have experienced the joy of answered prayer and the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit during worship, I have felt the safest and most significant when I have been in "that place" where Jesus WAS MY ONLY HOPE!

It has been in "that place" that I learned that my brothers and sisters in Christ are human and make mistakes. I can NOT judge their salvation based on the things I think are wrong in their life. Since I don't judge the heart, I can't really change it. I am to share Christ with love and my focus has really been to help young people. The age of adolescence doesn't have to be a time where adults and authority figures are the enemy, but an age where the solid foundation of Christ can be laid down!

In closing, we need to remember our children DO make mistakes, and no matter how much "Christian upbringing" they have had, they will have to learn from their mistakes, not the ones we tell them we learned from! But be there for them and DO NOT abandon them. If they don't feel that they have a relationship of sharing their difficulties with you BEFORE they get into a situation that is unpleasant, they might not listen to you about how to stay away from it after they fall short. On the flip side, you may do everything possible to raise them in Christ and they stray from the path ANYWAY. No matter how you look at it, our children need the Holy Spirit just like we do.

My daughter Andrea and me. She has been a great inspiration for most of my photography. She is the bestest girl in the whole world.
~October 2013