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Diary of a Selfish Weener NEW

My Favorite Breed

I have always been a protector of animals and had a love for animals in need. I have taken care of animals most of my life. I especially love the Dachshund breed.

I have a HUGE heart for the Dachshund breed. I have five of my own, 1 was a roadside rescue, and 4 are rescues from the Dachshund Rescue of Houston. They all come with different histories and environments. Because I have had Heidi since she was 6 weeks old, I have been able to provoide a continuous non-threatening environment for her. The other babies needed to trust me on their own terms.

In Spite of Stubbornness...

In spite of the Dachshund being an extremely stubborn breed, I have found that that stubbornness (transitioned into persistence) can be a plus once they have learned the rule. For instance, if potty time is every 2 hours, then once that roaring bark or jingle sound is at your back door, DON'T IGNORE IT! You have to attend to it. If feeding time is at 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., DON'T IGNORE the grumblings and howl-barks that are reminiscent of Wild Kingdom! Remember...they were trained to that schedule! If bedtime is set for them and they can't get to their bed to put themselves in for the night, then DON'T IGNORE the tugging at your hand, sleeve, ankle or pant leg or the "scared-cornered-feral cat" sounds that are produced. They were trained to that!

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Dachshunds in need of FOREVER HOMES:
Dachshund Rescue of Houston Available Dogs
D.R.E.A.M. Dachs Available Dogs

At the Snack Rug from L to R: Daisy, Bella, Bubbles, Heidi, Libby.
In the center is my BEAUTIFUL daughter Andrea!


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